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    Ditto the good luck lads, don't think that was fast enough though. GAF dudes were in 17:02 - it's now 17:14

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    How are the GAF users getting in so quick ? super fast broadband and helping each other ?

    is anyone a member ? could you share the link tomorrow, I managed to find the link 5.11 on facebook through a friend
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    Quote Originally Posted by yesteryeargames View Post
    what was the answer parappa ?
    Yeah. It was...

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    Didn't play today as I was taking the little ones to the Science Museum. And kinda glad. Reading NeoGaf and RLLMUK is just depressing. Loads of people in at 5.01-5.02pm. Basically lots of link sharing happening very quickly via IRC and suchlike.

    Good luck to everyone on here today.

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    I'm in the 100 prize draw or something if I win someone can buy the grey thing off me . I do love the controller though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokeScreen View Post
    I was in at 5:01... here's hoping!
    Good luck I hope at least one of use gets lucky ,

    Could you help us get the link as early tomorrow ? As my internet is slow and others are link sharing on the likes of gaf with super fast broadband we have little to no chance

    If I do manage to get lucky from someone's link I will chuck over a tenner via paypal or send a free game or something as a gesture of good will

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