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    That is quite a doe find, yay hackers! PS3 BC is what I'm after though and that will most likely never happen.

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    Its been known for a while now that the ps2 games were running via emulation on a PS4, to be honest there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE that PS4 can’t run PS1 and PS2 via software emulation.
    Now that’s I’ve thought about it there is one excuse, Sony want you to use PS Now for PS1/PS2 games, they did invest in gaikai after all.
    Still it’s a bit crap they haven’t enabled it or are “able” to enable it.
    I would happily dig out olde games or hell even buy them on psn if I could.

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    Persona 5 is 24.99 on the store. Is this work a punt? Talk ta meh...

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    You've had Monster Hunter World for less than a week.
    Focus on that?

    EDIT: Reading back, that sounds more aggressive than it was in my head!
    Basically, I keep looking at some bargains, when really I've got everything I need for now in MHW.

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    No I'm only thinking of MHW. I'm thinking about it in work. But, I've toyed about getting this for a while and at this price I'm wobbling. It'll go back to 50 quid at some point. Plus, I imagine boxed versions won't go as cheap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Persona 5 is 24.99 on the store. Is this work a punt? Talk ta meh...
    Yes, yes, and yes. It's a real time sink, but I've moved onto this after BOTW and I'm not missing Link at all....that's how good it is

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    It's an absolutely tremendous game - I'm 35 hours in in just a couple of weeks - but it takes dedication. I've not played MH World, but from what I've seen, speaking for myself personally, I wouldn't try and play both games simultaneously. There's always another deal...

    In terms of price, it is decent. You're looking at 50 for a boxed copy.

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    From 01 April 2018, Kaz Hirai will no longer be CEO of Sony and will be replaced by Kenichiro Yoshida. Yoshida has been warmly received in the role though, as he is said to have been a strong presence and supporter of the positive changes Kaz introduced to the company.

    Bye Kaz!

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    So Kaz is retiring and fake Kaz is also retiring too?

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    This thread just got a little bit weird.


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