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    Yup, though people do seem to keep saying the timing of both retirements is suspiciously close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Yup, though people do seem to keep saying the timing of both retirements is suspiciously close
    Well it was obvious that the Faz Kaz was British due to a lot of his references and whatnot but whats interesting is that he announced his retirement a while back and out of the blue when no one knew about the real Kazs retirement so hmmm.....

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    He's retired because he realises that real time weapon changes are simply not something we'll ever see in our lifetime.

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    Has anyone played Axiom Verge? Saw it on the shelf today in a shop and thought it looked quite decent.

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    I have it on the Vita, supposed to be very good. A Metroidvania, apparently.

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    Hmm, methinks it would play even better on the vita than big screen so will check it out.

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    PlayStation 4 Now Automatically Downloads Full Games If You Enabled ‘Featured Content’

    "The PlayStation 4 now seemingly downloads entire games that you haven’t even bought yet if you have enabled the ‘Featured Content’ option in Settings > System > Automatic Downloads.

    This certainly won’t sit well with gamers. With the file size of games constantly on the rise, gamers are always trying to juggle hard drive space between the games they’re currently playing and they won’t be happy to find out that their console decided to occupy even more space with a game they can’t even play.

    Moreover, some Internet Service Providers have monthly data caps, which makes things even worse in this specific case. Hopefully, Sony will see reason and scale back on what seems like a needlessly intrusive advertisement. In the meantime, you might want to make sure that it’s disabled in your settings."

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    Massively amateurish decision. They need to put more restrictions of the office temps access rights

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    Why would they even do that? What could the possible benefit of that be in any real world scenario where HDs are tiny and games are huge?


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