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    Rocket League players (PS4 / Steam)

    Playing Rocket League? Loving it? Wanna hook up with Bordersdown dudes playing Rocket League? Get your name down!

    I do believe this game is cross platform online (i.e. PS4 can connect with Steam players)... I'm not 100% on that though. Can anyone confirm? - EDIT Thanks, Brad

    Forum name / Platform / gametag

    hudson / PS4 / hoolak
    Tobal / PS4 / Tobaluk
    doodledud / PS4 / doodledude
    Punio75 / PS4 / Punio75
    TonyDA / PS4 / Tonyda1971
    Lurch / PS4 / gnhweb
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    It is cross platform but not to the extent that ps4 players can add a PC playere to thier party yet. So, when you are playing it on your PS4 you might be playing against PC players. The devs do plan their own party system eventually though.

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    I'm up for a rocket P A R T A Y !

    PS4 / doodledude

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodledude View Post
    P A R T A Y !
    Ban request


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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Ban request

    I like to rock the P A R T A Y !

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    Added you all!

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    I added a bunch of you the other night

    Lurch / PS4 / gnhweb


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