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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Thinking back to Virtua Fighter, did anyone prefer Remix to the original?
    I much rather the old look myself. VF rmix was fab, but that was because it was the 1st time I saw High Res Saturn mode it it looked incredible back in early June 1995 . I but though the flat shaded polygon look of VF is a timeless classic look.

    Will say VF sound effects are still the best in any fighter, there are bone crushing

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    The best Saturn shooter for me was Gun Frontier, I loved the slower pacing and Zuntata soundtrack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jei View Post
    Was nice reading the last few pages, felt like the old days and I echo everyone's sentiments about the early days of the Saturn.

    As many people know it's my favourite console of all time and I've always got far too many versions of it. If anyone is looking for one give me a shout, I've got Transparents > Sonic Saturn > V-Saturn to Fully modded etc.
    Some early moments of Saturn enjoyment would be playing Gale Racer for hours and hours. Yeah, it's crap compared to the Arcade but it kept me coming back time and time again.
    I still own my original copy too that I bought way back in 1995.

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    I don't post often in this thread these days but this one was expensive and one I've been after for ages.


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