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    My pleasure, @Anpanman!
    It was nice to reminisce, myself.
    Deffo dig out some snaps, please.

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    Because people probably aren't seeing it, you need to go check out the Beat Saber first play thread.

    Here's an example vid of my son playing

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    Check out this guy’s animated gifs; they’re absolutely incredible...

    There’s more on his Twitter and tumblr account too. This Zelda one is my favourite

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    Going on our annual sponsored 10 mile walk at work this afternoon. No weeding, no digging, no dry stone-walling, no sowing today, just a pleasant stroll in the sun through green rolling hills down to the sea with a tonne of people with learning difficulties who, I gotta say, are way more fun than regular folk . Seriously. Every lunch break I go sit and talk with them about frogs and apple pie and clouds rather than sit with my fellow staff and talk about the news and politics and serious nonsense. I love my job.

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    That you can't spell "advertisements" without semen between the tits.

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    That Vita memory card I bought has a load of games on it. Some are demos, but it's been fun trying them all out!
    WipEout 2048
    Everybody's Golf
    Reality Fighters
    Motorstorm RC
    Little Deviants
    Gravity Rush
    Escape Plan
    Top Darts
    Hustle Kings
    Super Stardust Delta
    Michael Jackson The Experience
    Virtua Tennis 4
    FIFA Football
    Touch My Katamari
    Ridge Racer
    Frobisher Says


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