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Thread: Fallout 4

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    Yup, the quests have all felt very straight forward so far and pretty straight faced. None of the oddities you'd find hidden in the last few Bethesda games.

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    Only 1 stands out and its the Robot pirate ship, the game is just devoid of charm for the most part.

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    Finished the main quest last night. Overall I only encountered one glitch which was when a scorpion floated in the sky so I've managed to have a pretty consistent experience. I mostly focused on the main storyline except a period where I needed to level up as I'm going to save the remaining side missions till the DLC is all out. The game is fun but my main issues would be:

    -VATS is almost redundant now
    -The conversation system is poor, just press A everytime for the best outcome
    -The main quest is very weak. The story itself, though obvious, doesn't bother me as no Bethesda RPG has a good story but the game is completely lacking in that tinge of dark twisted humour that the previous games had as well as distinct memorable locations. It leads to a lack of compulsion to the missions and exploring the Commonwealth
    -The back end of the main quest feels like pure filler

    It's well worth playing for anyone who enjoyed the previous games, just be prepared for an entry that feels like it was developed/outsourced to a B-Team so the main one could work on Elder Scrolls. An 8/10 for now, see how the DLC and remaining side missions affect things down the line

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    I just picked this up again. I booted it up last night and it was not recognising my saves

    Is this a known issue? I tried downloading my PS Plus cloud saves but stil nothing. The 'Load' option is unselectable.


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