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    Xbox One Collective Minds Media Hub - ?24 delivered to UK

    Currently these are only available in Canada, VG+ are selling them on Amazon UK for ?40 but if you order one directly from VG+ (which I did for ?24 inc. delivery) they're still sent directly from Amazon FBA program and arrived within 2 days, to my surprise.

    I'm usually not one for buying 3rd party add-ons but these are pretty decent and look quite nice. It's basically a 2.5 inch hard drive caddy that fits on the side of your Xbox One and it gives you additional USB sockets. I always thought plugging a loose caddy into the system looked out of place hence why I bought one. From what I can tell it seems to work fine with my Seagate hybrid drive.

    Link here if interested:
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    Does this need an external power supply?

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    No doesn't need one but you have the option of adding a 5v PSU in the back if you want, maybe for if were to use all USB sockets for charging? I have plenty of spares if you ever need one.

    I tested it with a hard drive, controller on charge AND with my Xbox One playing a movie off of a memory stick, with no issues, all of which were running through the media hub.

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    That's a nice looking piece of kit.

    I know it's a bit unlikely but if the One is in sleep mode do the USB ports still give out power like the PS4s does when it's in rest mode?

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    I've just plugged the play and charge kit into it while it's on standby and the orange LED is lit up on the USB cable which may indicate it's charging, Then tried it again with a full shut down and it's still lighting up, so the HUB always seems to be on unless I unplug the Xbox completely.


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