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    Bloodborne GOTY edition 40% (50% for PSN+) off on PSN

    This is the best chance to grab Bordersdown GOTY 2015. It is currently listed ?29.99 for normal plebs and ?24.99 for superior PS+ members on PSN.
    But what if you already got the standard version? The dlc is listed ?9.99 for non members and ?7.99(!) for subscribers.
    I'm not too sure when the offer ends, so grab it as soon as possible.
    BTW don't grab the normal version, that one is listed full price(!?!) for some reason.
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    Offer ends beginning of February.. I have been umming and arring about buying this, but I prefer a physical version.. I've managed to get a cheap standard version, so i'm now gonna get the DLC which makes it the same price

    There are plenty of ?25 PSN cards for sale on ebay too, I bought this one for ?19.95 as I was going to get the GOTY version from the store, it's not dodgy as i've already added the credit to my account:

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    Nuuu waaait usually sell wallet codes/photo cards for a quid or so less, or even 5% more if you randomly put an email address on their "facebook page like app thing" (no need to log in onto facebook.)
    I use them most of the time to top up my steam and psn wallets, because i don't trust either of them with their trackrecord of server hacks.

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    Cdkeys had no stock when I was going to order, they had it at ?21.99.

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    Best thing I've bought in the January sales and I've bought a lot.


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