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Thread: PS Vita - ?100

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    Thanks @Pavey. Unfortunately, it's in-store-collection only, and nowhere in my region has it - plus (and this is going to seem incredibly choosy) but I really want the white-and-lime colour scheme.

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    Blackpool and Salford are the only stores that have them.

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    As much as I've been a fierce critic of the PS Vita, ?100 is tempting (I too would likely go all-digital like @Asura).

    Turns out Reading Smyths is only an hour or two away from where I work using all available Transport options. Not sure I can be bothered though, and haven't really got the money to spare.

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    Sadly not available in the Charlton branch, the only one remotely close to me (and where I got my PS4 at a good discount, funnily enough). Not that I need one. My JP launch unit is still trucking very well.

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    Are people not able to see my post?

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    I think the Blackpool and Salford stores are the only ones with them in stock!

    sorry brad

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    I think most on the forum have you on ignore Brad

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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    I think most on the forum have you on ignore Brad

    Seroiusly WHO???

    Good price though.

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    But you can't add staff to your ignore list. :c


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