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    Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U, PAL) - ?24.99 @ Argos

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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    All gone by the looks of it. No doubt bought by the scalpers for Ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunrock View Post
    All gone by the looks of it. No doubt bought by the scalpers for Ebay.
    It's not like Xenoblade Chronicles X has been a raging commercial success - if it was, would it be getting such a price-cut?

    Do scalpers really think that people are going to pay x2-x3+ RRP for it on eBay?

    Sometimes, elements of modern gaming like this sicken me.

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    More than likely just another Argos traffic driver, they've done it with a few things this week, in stock at a handful of places and that's it.

    Having said that maybe gunrock was also correct

    **** sclapers, there were 19 in stock locally to me and then there were none available once I have a break at work to order. I called the manager to ask for a backorder and he said it's unlikely. Very interesting, he said someone bought 10 copies and another person bought 9... Is it really worth screwing over legitimate customers over a few untaxed quid and complicating everything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    That's why they have the reservation system!
    It can still be abused though. One order per customer would suffice better, no?

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    Yeah or at least a maximum of three if it's a sale item.

    Part of me thinks let the scalpers have all the hassle for making what, a fiver a go after the fees/postage etc?

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    Ha! Managed to reserve and collect one of the last few copies in stock in a London Argos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Nice! Good for you.
    It sure is! Scalping still fecking sucks though.


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