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    It's a shame a lot was lost but on the bright side you at least still have it up & running, threads can be recreated. Out of curiosity i checked to see if my ds game retrospective was still on, thankfully it was. I really should take this oppertunity to revive it and restore all the pics in the threads as they have gone thanks to my hosting option gone (again).

    Will be fun add some more games too seeing as i have many more games to share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by replicashooter View Post
    A banner on the "can't log in page" might help.
    Easier said than done, but I can change the text that appears when it fails to login I think. I'll get on it.

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    Edit: I should be blue. I’ll pm you charles.

    Edit 2 Thanks, blue again.
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    I believe I should be Blue, I can't send PMs because I'm over my non-blue limit!

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    Pm me the email attached to your PayPal account dude

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    How's the site speed at the moment? All ok?

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    Didnít really know where to post this but thought as a lot of folks are subscribed to this thread here would be a good place.

    Just wondering if we need First Play when it seems most of peopleís impressions are being posted in Discussion? See Monster Hunter: World.
    Makes sense I think to have everything relative to one game in the same place? Just a thought.

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