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    The Russia thing bothers me. I can already see the narrative. I suspect that his hardcore conservative base love Putin; a horse-ridin', deer-shootin' man with values that proclude homosexuality, sedition and women's rights to things like abortion. If he's caught out, Trump will spin it that direction, just you watch.

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    Well, Trump and Republicans do have a lot of experience in that regard.

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    Trump caught in a lie about the numbers watching his State of the Union speech shocker:

    Pathalogical. Stable Genius.

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    Republicans have released the contested Nunes memo which the Democrats say is merely an attempt to undermine the Mueller investigation

    But it's okay because America's finances under Trump are the best ev... oh

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    The memo shows that the Steel Dossier was not the reason for opening an investigation, so it's clear that the only reason to release it is to try and misdirect to allow the firing of Rosenstein and ultimately Mueller.

    Trump is in it up to his eyeballs - why else would he be trying this hard to shut the investigation down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartyG View Post
    Trump is in it up to his eyeballs - why else would he be trying this hard to shut the investigation down?
    I wonder if Republicans will ever reach a point where they can't follow this charade any longer. Those close to Trump ever since the candidancy want the investigation to be stopped because if Trump goes down they'll go down as well, but the rest? There has to be a point when coscience kicks in.

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    I'm reminded by a Tao Te Ching quote here:

    "The state's weaponry should not be displayed."

    Essentially what is unknown raises more fear than even the largest army does. Unseen weapons are more threatening to the enemy than the sharpest and shiniest swords.

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    Anyone that thinks that normal civilians should have guns in a country where civilians go nuts with guns all the time is also saying they don't care that lots of children (and adults) WILL get shot each week. It's a constitutional right to be happy with that certainty (it's not a risk any more).

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    What's this, the sixth school shooting so far this year in which kids have been wounded or killed? And it's only 15 February.

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