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    Iron Fist will tentatively and nervously stick his head above the trench lines again on Netflix for Season 2 on 07 September 2018

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    I should love Iron Fist, being the Fu fan that I am, but that shakycam action just puts me right off.
    One of the thing Daredevil was praised for was its excellent fight scenes that didn't need to resort to shaking the camera.

    You watch any episode of Into The Badlands and that one episode probably has more well-framed action than the whole series of Iron Fist. :/

    Also, I've lost my way with the Marvel Shows because everybody says they're poor to middling at best.
    Luke Cage? More like Luke Warm ! AmIright? Guys? Guys?

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    Uggghhh... James Gunn has been fired by Disney for old offensive tweets. He’s off Guardians 3. The tweets are crazy old, they were clearly unearthed as an attack for his views on Trump and if they were about almost anything else I’d be saying this is ridiculous. They were obviously designed to shock at the time and, in all the stuff going on, I haven’t heard anything to imply the guy is a problem. But the subject matter of the tweets, I couldn’t defend them. But I’m disappointed.
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    This is a big one. James Gunn has been dropped as Director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 after online social media users dug out old tweets and messages of his containing off colour comments and references to rape and pedophilia.
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    I was about to post this @Superman Falls.

    Absolutely bonkers.

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    The various articles I’ve read so far suggest Brass Eye style satire and/or deliberately outrageous jokes to provoke a reaction. This could be totally wrong as I haven’t seen them myself.

    Most disappointing if Disney are kowtowing to the faux outrage of some right wing ****ehawk with a history of BS.


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