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    Quote Originally Posted by wakka View Post
    From reading up, it's from some guy's LinkedIn who is a lead designer at Namco Bandai. Unbounded and Vita were outsourced - so there's some hope it might be halfway decent if it exists.
    The same account points out to an unannounced FPS game and people are speculating Metroid Prime 4.

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    I seriously hope not. I want that to be done mainly in-house.

    Bandai Namco Singapore, too. I wouldn't put money on a Singaporean-developed game being much cop for almost the same reasons I wouldn't put money on the Singapore national football team.

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    It just needs to be an HD remaster of Ridge Racers 2 (PSP) with a few more tracks and it'd be gold!!

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    Sweet news. Gold points will soon transfer into money off.

    I've got 400 knocking about which = 4 off a Switch eShop purchase. I'm happy with that.

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    I'd be hoping for a little more myself. I have 258 and if I get $2.58 off I'll be peeved, considering 180 gets me 40% off Mario Maker for WiiU right now, which is an $18 discount, 50 gets me 40% off Skyward Sword, which is about $12 off.

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    How do you see how many points you have? I don't recall getting codes to redeem with my Switch and physical Mario copy, but I assume it's smart enough to figure it out? No idea how this system works!

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    Digital copies get you point automatically, physical on Switch there's an option from the main menu "Collect Nintendo Points" or similar.
    Log on to My Nintendo to see your points balance.

    Nintendo Japan confirm 1 gold point = 1 yen

    Massive rip off, stick to % discounts instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    The question I have is will Zerodiv patch the issues?

    I'm won't buy it otherwise.
    I caved. Played it for an hour tonight. Seems okay.

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    1 point = 1p on the uk site considering its 200 gold points per game that's a saving of 2.00 per eshop purchase, which isnt bad really, if i collect all my gold points ive got about 15 worth of credit for the e-shop

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    Wow, that is a difference. We get 60 gold points for a digital purchase of $69-$82.99, so it's $0.60 back per full price game if they use a similar ratio.


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