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    From what I remember, access to one area will be locked out to you. You won't receive prior warning that this area will be locked out but you can probably guess what area it is? When it happens I think there is a pop up text box thingy letting you know you can't go back there. Anything important, like certain Blade related quests will be moved to a different area so they are still doable.

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    Cheers. Funny thing, I've got a mail with your full post not wrapped into spoiler tags, gonna report it to @charlesr

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    Don't think I can fix that dudes. The emails are plain text, not html.

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    Just started Chapter 4.

    Vandham! Noooooo!
    At least I know where the blonde in the XC2 wallpapers comes from now. Stupid official website.

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    His role in the story was decided the moment you see him, he's not as colourful (literally) as the other main characters.

    Which is one of my complains about the game's graphics, the NPCs are dull and blend with the environment too much.

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    Quick thing, any reason not to buy this second hand? No DLC codes or anything?

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    There's a season pass and the free language patch, no codes with the game itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    There's a season pass ... no codes with the game itself.
    Interesting. How much is it? Wonder what's going to come of it.

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    Can't remember how much is it and all the details but IIRC there are three waves of content throughout 2018 with new quests and maybe Blades.

    [edit]Seaon pass details:
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    Whole new storyline out in March, smaller packs of bits and bobs every month. We got a legendary core crystal in December. I've not cracked it open yet though.


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