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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Whole new storyline out in March, smaller packs of bits and bobs every month. We got a legendary core crystal in December. I've not cracked it open yet though.
    I'd wait till you're level 50 and you have some boosters. Maybe snoop a bit online which rare blade you want and try for that. For KOS-MOS

    pick the character with higher the justice, use justice, and all items to increase your luck.

    This won't garauntee you getting her but it will steer the roll towards her.

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    I've been trying to complete two Blade quests and I think I'll give up on one.
    First, the one I'm close (I hope) to completion:

    Poppy's 3rd mode. Everything went well until I had to pass a Forestry 7 check, which required bringing Vess, obtained through another side quest, to Forestry 3 and add together several other random Blades. Now I have to look for parts to power a contraption for the final (I hope) stage, and with the exception of a merc mission, all salvaged items I have only add 1 point out of 100. The merc mission gives a battery worth 30 points and lucky it can be done over and over.

    Second, something I had to look online to check if I was doing something wrong or not:

    Ursula, a random rare Blade. You have to collect several stamps, done via a 10 minutes merc mission. There are 3 stamp types and you need 75 of each type. No, game, no. If you would let me save merc squads maybe, otherwise no. Sorry Ursula, but I'm not using you in battle either.

    Oh, and I've hit the maximum number of Blades allowed, so I need to weed out the less useful ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    First rare blade!
    Good combo, as Nia is the party's healer.

    On my side, I had two legendary cores so I've spent them. Level 65 Rex, all items that could boost luck, used a total of 9 justice boosters, and...two 2 stars Blades. Good thing I wasn't in handheld mode or I'd have snapped the Switch in half.

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    If only it didn't auto save when you crack open the cores lol

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    If only popping a core won't tease you with at least one rare Blade every time! I always have one with what looks like a flaming shield appear at the first two "strokes".

    [edit] Oh, mhmm, just got a new rare Blade out of a common core :P
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    Was about to pick up a copy of this, but last time I looked on Amazon it was cheaper, now it has rocketed back up to full price.

    Anyone done with their copy? I'd buy one for 30+p&p, but I need it soon for a trip I'm going on.

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    On January 19 Japan will receive part of the season pass (5 new quests, items), and version 1.2 (no info on what the update does).

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    when you clear the final chapter, does the game end and you need to start from scratch or you can continue after to complete sidequests and such?


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