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    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 [NS] - storyline spoiler-free please!

    We left off with:

    There are only 2 light element rare blades.
    Does anyone have KOS-MOS?

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    Not yet. A question: I've completed chapter 4

    and Morag is now in the Blade bonding menu. Is she a permanent party member?

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    Anyone got a boxed copy of this they're bored of? As I've finished Sonic Forces and would do a straight swap.

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    Well, I really hope

    Morag is a persistent party member because she rolled a rare blade.

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    Of course a new party member I don't really care about bonds two rare blades out of two common cores with no boosts.

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    Popped a few rare cores, with no boosts, and 3 new rare blades. KOS-MOS still eludes me, but I don't have many ether cannon blades too, so...does anyone know what are the requirements for "strenght 30+"? It's for one merc mission.

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    Gotta unlock more nodes on the affinity chart to increase a Blades Strength if I remember right, I think sending Blades on merc missions will randomly unlock nodes, one of the reasons they are adding the ability to send out your story blades in a patch, or on NG+, I forget (too late imo)
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    On the verge of 100 hours at the beginning of chapter 7, although I've left the game diling for at least 20 of them before discovering that you should pause before going to the home menu if you don't want the timer to go up.

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    Question: I'm at chapter 7,

    and of course no Homura/Hikari. I was trying to find and complete two sidequests and after a lot of wandering I gave up and looked for hints...and of course both need Homura/Hikari in the party. Great. But I've also discovered that during chapter 8 the party will be complete again but there's a point where sidequests will stop being available. Is that true? Does the game have a clear indication when that happens or it's just a story point that can be crossed without any warning?


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