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    After 99 common, 18 rare, and 3 legendary cores I've more rare Blade. I swear, I could downright buy those two missing Blades with real money if given the chance.

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    Discovered a level 99 boss that drops rare and legenday cores if you do a full Driver Combo. Neat.

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    Got KOS-MOS! The bonding sequence went Adenine (I still have to get her, and she's the last one), random, and a silhouette I never seen before...and when the Vector logo appeared on screen I was happy like a baby.
    The bonding happened on Rex with a legendary core and 2 justice boosters, but as pretty much every other Blade it was down on pure luck.
    For quite some time I've been building Rex as my best bonding character, and it took quite some time: a total of 160 hours, everyone at level 99, Rex with two luck-boosting items, random Blades with the highest luck boost, luck-boosting chips on them and Homura
    (capping Rex's luck at 999), and all of Rex's idea at level 10 (so 5 boosters will bring it to 15, the max). This is not the first bonding round I do with these stats, before I popped more than 100 assorted cores and I've only got on rare Blade out it.

    For this round I stockpiled 24 common, 50 rare, and 15 or so legendary cores, and I've got KOS-MOS after going through all the commons, half the rares and more than half the legendary. So yeah, a lot of luck.

    I've seen videos that suggest to fill up the Blade roster until you can no longer summon any (oh yeah, merc level 5 for the largest Blade roster possible as well) then dismiss all the Blades not belonging to the rare Blade's element, then use the correct boosters on the best cores you have. The reasoning is that there's a Blade pool and having the highest number of Blades belonging to one element will increase the chances of getting a rare Blade of that element, but I don't think it's the case as 1-4 star Blades are randomised.
    And KOS-MOS is the second and last light Blade in the whole game,'ll get rare Blades if you're lucky.
    I think that's it. You can steer rolls but that's about it IMO.

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    Good stuff dude, I never had the patience. Does she sound KOS-MOSy in English?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    Good stuff dude, I never had the patience. Does she sound KOS-MOSy in English?
    I play with Japanese voices so I wouldn't know :P I might try to switch languages, but I'd also need to refresh how she sound in the Xenosaga games though.

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    Patch 1.3 and its NG+ mode will hit the game next week. Here's what the patch will bring:
    * You can bond with enemy Blades (both through random bonding and through sidequests), with the exception of Shin and Malos apparently.
    * All Blades can be dispatched for merc missions, including Homura, Byakko, and all Blades that couldn't leave the party.
    * Additional character affinity chart.
    * You can level down characters and barter EXP for new items, including some that add additional equipment slots.
    * What carries over: driver level, equipment, and ideas; bonded Blades and their affinity charts; equipment; gold; merc level; event theathe; unique monster kills.
    * What doesn't carry over: quests, fast travel points, Heart-to-Heart events, cleared merc missions.

    And other misc updates.

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    KOS-MOS' level II heals all active characters for the damage it deals.

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    And with Adenine unlocked, I've got my last rare Blade, and can happily move on to an other game once I'm done with her sidequest.

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    T-elos (as a new rare blade) and more new characters will join the fray in patch 1.4


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