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    JP Saturn Consoles, Sega, Victor, MK1 / 2

    Anyone who's dealt with me over the years will know the saturn is my favourite console. Well now is your chance to either pick up a spare machine or experience it for the first time with my Saturn Console Blowout!

    All of below are fully refurbished by myself, lasers have been cleaned using isopropyl alcohol, consoles fully stripped and cleaned of dust, assembly cogs lubricated with white lithium grease and tested thoroughly. Internally, these are far from the usual tat knocking around. All have also had CD-R tested on using a Pseudo Saturn Cartridge and play FMV fine.

    Prices include postage. I have multiple of each, some consoles are yellowed but pictures are available, pop me your email address with which model you're interested in and I'll select a machine and send you the relevant picture with S/N etc so you know exactly which machine you're getting.

    Victor V-Saturn
    Boxed RX1 Model - Complete - 120 (Last Available)
    Unboxed RX2 - Complete - 80

    Sega Saturn
    Unboxed MK1 Grey (Console Only) - 45

    Boxed MK1 Grey - Complete - 55 (1x Available - Tatty Box, no innards) *Reduced from normal price of 75*
    Unboxed MK2 White (Console Only) - 45
    Unboxed MK2 White (Console Only - Yellowed in some way)
    Boxed MK2 White - Complete - 75

    Any questions please feel free to ask. Please remember these will require the use of a Stepdown Transformer. If you need help sourcing one let me know and I'll assist.
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    Interested in a console, pm sent


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