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    I've had two problems. A Dreamcast going in via VGA had a horrible flickering. I've not dug too deeply into it as I have a VGA to HDMI box that it can go through and that looks great.
    Are you using the official VGA box? I don't have the flicker issue when using the official Sega box straight into the OSSC.

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    No, it's a random 3rd party one off Amazon. I figure it's a bad cable and the OSSC doesn't like it.

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    So what’s the deal with Dreamcast and OSSC?

    I was looking at the Kuro VGA box as it supports both 15/31KHz. My OSSC 1.5 has the digital audio mod board installed so I can use the headphone jack as an input, but according to the manual you need to disconnect Scart to do so. Or at least it’s recommended... is this still the case?

    It looks like I’ll have to run a separate audio cable to the monitor, or even just connect VGA directly to the monitor too... or maybe just use a DC Scart cable into the OSSC via Scart switch.

    So um yeah. How do you have your Dreamcast connected?

    EDIT: So I emailed Matt at Videogameperfection and the lovely chap replied on a Sunday morning. Turns out I just need to use these cables and take the audio from the Scart switch.
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