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Thread: Kick Ass 3

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    Kick Ass 3

    Despite underperforming Millar is hopeful that the final entry will still be made sooner rather than later. The studio will likely monitor home sales to decide.

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    I'm sad to say that I find this news very hard to be excited about after the second installment.

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    I'm not sure why you loathed part 2 as much as you did, ikobo. I thought it was good fun!

    However, both films feel like they could've ended there, so I'm not sure what they'll do with a third film.

    You should never underestimate the enthusiasm of Mark Millar though!

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    2 was definitely not up to the first films standard but I did enjoy it on its own terms, I doubt Vaughn will direct the third but it would be nice if he did given it would be the finale. The rumour seems to be it would revolve around Red Mists/Muthaf***ers prison held Uncle targetting Kick Ass and would address the likelihood of all these heroes surviving these ordeals much longer. The comics sound like they're on a different tangent from the films cometely now so they could do their own thing properly which would be nice as the print storyline continues to sound inferior. I hope the studio lets them at it whilst it would definitely be for just one more.

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    It was like a made for TV version of a film I love. The humour was forced, the action was either a poor replication of what happened in the first or was poorly set up and some of the story arcs were pretty pointless or mind numbingly boring. It seemed cheap and totally lacking in the charm (and the absolute awesomeness) that I think the first one had. And there wasn't enough Katie Deauxma. Did.....not....enjoy.

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    I got why Katie wasn't in the film (Nikita commitments) but didn't like the character reasoning, that scene played poorly.

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    I wonder if a Kick-Ass 3 would do better financially than a big screen version of one of Millar's other stories:
    Nemesis - What if a playboy billionaire spent his money on being a supercriminal instead of crimefighting?
    Superior - A handicapped boy is mysteriously transformed into to his favourite Comic Book hero.
    Supercrooks - Ocean's 11 with supervillians!
    War Heroes - The U.S. Army gives soldiers pills to gain superpowers after a nuclear bomb is set off by Al Qaeda in Washington D.C.
    Jupiter's Legacy - The story of how the children of a Justice League-style superteam deal with their parents' notoriety.

    I think the first three, especially, would all be great to watch!

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    And why was the main characters acting worse in the second one than the first? Shouldn't he be geting better?

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    Matthew Vaughn has said that he hasn't given up on the Kick Ass series and see's it as being in a similar place to where X-Men was before he helmed First Class. He says he's currently planning out a prequel spin-off which would focus on the life of a much younger Hit Girl in the Far East which he hopes to get moved forward in a relatively short time frame.

    The plan is that if they nail it, it would revive interest enough to get the franchise closer Kick Ass 3 greenlit and Moretz and Aaron back on board. If it worked however he still wouldn't be directing the project and would instead look for a new director with a strong vision after recognising the second film didn't meet expectations.

    I'm not too keen on the notion of a spin-off but I would be interested in seeing Kick Ass 3 made to wrap things up. Kick Ass 2 was one of those films that I feel was a let down from the first but on the other hand not the wreckage it's made out to be. A fitting closure would be nice to see but I'm not sure the series has the interest in it to pull off such a revival.

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    KA was so fun and fresh but KA2 was stale and boring. Seeing as Moretz has become a pin up of sorts and nearing the end of puberty I think they should recast it her part. Unless they do some Gandalf hobbit special effects ****.


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