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    I finally got around to watching Get Out last night and I'm glad I've finally watched it. More akin to an Edgar Wright/Charlie Brooker-directed piece, the film is a delicious blend of horror, otherness and comedy as the story unfolds and you learn what's really going on. Worth a watch once if only to see that original and compelling films are still being produced (and are not all about superheroes or Oscar buzz).

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    I watched that at the weekend and really enjoyed it. It felt like much more of a regular old fashioned horror movie than I expected though. It has a unique viewpoint and I liked how it played with my expectations on that but I must admit to being surprised it is being considered for Oscars. Not because it’s not a good movie but because most of the movies I think are good aren’t ever the type that get considered for Oscars.

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    I watched "The Post" last night, I wouldn't say I'm particularly interested in American Politics but I found this interesting, gripping & highly enjoyable from the off - Recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevie vip 99 View Post
    Just watched birdman. Outstanding film making. Really enjoyed it. Great cast
    Agreed itís one seriously good film. Deserved a lot more recognition.

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    Finally watched The Foreigner on Netflix tonight. Had the feel of a ITV movie more than a cinema release.

    Heard mixed reviews but I was interested from the first trailer and actually really enjoyed it.
    Watched a lot of Brosnan films over the last few years, need to catch up and re-watch more Jackie.

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    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
    We fairly enjoyed this though it pulls its punches too much. It gives you an insight into how Wonder Woman was conceived but it feels like the film mostly thinks that Marston and his partners love lives are interesting enough by their existence to support the film when really, something a little more harder hitting and nuanced would have been better. Still, it was enjoyable enough for a one off viewing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    Professor Marston and the Wonder Women
    "Help! We need to create a female character to save our publication going bankrupt and our families go homeless. BUT first, can you solve this puzzle?"

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    So at the Weekend we watched

    The House :
    Will Ferrell acts ridiculous. I like Will Ferrell, I liked this film

    A cure for Wellness:
    Really Terrible, but kind of enjoyable. Bad good.

    Jason Isaacs is quickly stepping into Sean Bean's footsteps as evil in everything.

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    I found it funny that the image presented in Professor Marston is that he was a strong advocator for women's rights and empowerment and that Wonder Woman was his attempt to influence the young minds so that in future generations they'd believe in better values for women.

    However he did so from the stand point of having two women who were effectively derailed from their careers and educations into staying at home and looking after the kids whilst indulging his kinky fetishes. The film even sells it as a sort of love story about three people defying societies norms but feels like it misses that the psychology he taught and promoted as progressive was the same one he ultimately had them both be submissive to for him.

    Last night we watched:

    Goodbye, Christopher Robin
    Another slow burn tale this time following the creator of Winnie the Pooh and showing not just how he created the characters but the irony in his inability to bring joy to his own child in the way he did to so many that weren't his. Margot Robbie's mother character is just awful at parenthood and it's kind of hard to see him miss so many opportunities that are lay before him with his son because he just can't get his head where it needs to be. Every single time you think he is about to get it he makes another awful decision. The film didn't get amazing reviews but it was solid enough, some critics seemed to have issues with the stiff upper lip Britain it shows that is also a little too picture perfect but that actually ties well into the themes of the film and the guys motivations which are fuelled by a frustration that this seemingly lovely life betrays the realities he witnessed during WWI. From society, to his wife, to his own approach to being a parent everything is tied up in repression to the point it's stifling that even during the films most emotional moments the characters still can't let that repressed stance go even though it is costing them so much and the pleasant tone of the film re-enforces that theme because it fuels that Keep Calm and Carry On mindset and how damaging it actually is. It's another one I wouldn't watch twice but again, fine for what it is.

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    I had a mate over and we watched Predator.

    What a classic, we knew most of the lines.

    We actually watched the recent 3D conversion and although the disc just has the 2D & 3D versions with no extras, the 3D works great.

    As they in the jungle, there's always some foliage or something to give it depth of field.

    The effects still hold up, generally, and we had a laugh seeing it again.

    Read some facts after and I loved the story about how Arnie shipped a big gym over on a truck so they could all work out.

    They woke the guy who shaves his head at around 5:30 and all shouted at him to lift more and more weights. He ached so much after, that when they came knocking the next morning, he pretended he didn't hear them.

    It got really competitive with all these big guys like Arnie and Jessie Ventura and all the stunt doubles who had to look their size, all pumping iron, that Carl Weathers used to sneak down around 3am to get a couple of hours extra lifting in and claim it was all natural bulk!


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