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    60fps discussion in 2018

    It's a matter of taste I know, but I saw this today:

    That's Max Payne 2 running on a modern machine, which to me, still looks fantastic.

    So I'm wondering, is there anyone here who actively dislikes 60fps gaming? (and I don't mean in a "movies are 24fps" way).

    Ever since I saw Virtua Fighter 2 on Saturn, I had hoped the industry would move towards 60fps as time went on, but it seems only a few developers really push for this.

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    60fps for me is what i prefer, I know people disagree but with systems like Ps4 pro and xbox one x I wish they gave two options one for people who like the resolution and all the bells and whistles and another (for people like me) who would sacrifice that for 60 fps.

    Played Destiny 1 and i thought it looked decent....but would much prefer 60fps so was glad the sequel came to PC.

    Actually i believe one of my earliest experiences with a smooth frame rate was tobal no 1....and it made the game just feel better

    Horizon Zero dawn was another i can see it looked good....but really wish 60fps was a option

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    60fps is essential to me. Always dig that silly smooth style and wish devs would put that in front of shiny static bullshot fantasies that make the game slow down to a crawl in real life

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    Metal Gear Solid V makes me wish for a better industry in this regard.

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    I'd be pretty happy if alot of the big console games could hit a smooth 30.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    I'd be pretty happy if alot of the big console games could hit a smooth 30.
    Yup. This is where I'm at. 60FPS would be fantastic but a rock solid 30FPS on every title would be a start.

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    I love 60fps and can’t imagine you’d find many, if any, who actively dislike it. But it’s very rarely essential for me and most games I’m very happy with 30fps. It’s really only fast racing games where I really feel the dip when it’s less than 60.

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    Agree that rock solid 30fps is a necessity these days but I'd like to see all games on the Xbox One X (my current main) to offer a performance mode where 60fps locked is the target at the sacrifice of resolution.

    Give the consumer the option of which is preferred. Gears 4 is a great example of this, as is Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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    If I start a game and it runs at 30fps on console then I don't even think anything of it. On PC though where I know 60fps is always attainable it's a must and any game where I play it 30fps on console then 60fps on PC... 60fps is vastly superior every time

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    Since playing on my new 120hz monitor in now think 60fps isn't enough! Skyrim looks very nice at 120fps. J/k 60fps is perfectly fine. Depends on the game as always x


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