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    Quote Originally Posted by cutmymilk View Post
    Surely some sort of 1080p/ 60FPS "seal of quality" on game boxes by Sony/MS would shift games, too.
    Now thatís a good idea. Itís worked for Nintendo for decades, no reason Sony/MS canít have one too that mandates 1080p native and locked 60fps.

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    I assume there are more 4k panels being made now than 1080p ones. Not a fan of 1080p upscaled to 4k either; soft and a bit blurry. Iíd much rather 1440p upwards to 4k (or even a dynamic res), If itís 60fps, even better, but I donít mind a locked 30fps at a higher resolution.

  3. #23’s an FPS. Comparing something like 60fps TF2 on the PS4 pro to destiny 2 @ 30fps, is night and day.

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    Can you guarantee a game won't drop below 60fps, though?

    I'm not bothered, tbh.

    I quite like it when games grind to a halt, because you know you're being assailed by too many enemies for the game to cope.
    EDF, Ken's Rage and Ninja Gaiden 2, I'm looking at you, but in a compassionate way.

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    For me, ideal frame rate depends on certain things, like the resolution and how much information is being zapped into my eyeballs.

    With racing games, I usually want 60fps but I have no problems playing Sega Rally on Saturn or PGR3 on 360, both 30fps games. Sega Rally is fast and there's not much going on. PGR3 took my breath away with its motion blur. It felt like watching racing on TV.

    But I played Sega Rally Revo on 360 and just couldn't deal with it. I think it didn't use motion blur(or maybe just a small amount). The same thing happened with a demo of Sonic Generations and GRID, also on 360. It felt like information overload and I got tired playing. So I wonder if my acceptance of a frame rate depends on how much information I have to process and the work my brain has to do between frames.

    With FPS games, I prefer 60fps but I like 30fps for some like the Halo series. It feels a bit more cinematic. But then, COD has to be 60fps even though that's cinematic!

    In short: I much prefer 60fps but don't mind 30fps and it can be more appropriate/acceptable in certain situations.

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    60fps should be standard by now but sadly 4k resolution has put paid to that.
    It directly impacts the quality of the gameplay too, but consumers ultimately want the pretty.

    That said, 30fps is acceptable for certain types of games of course. Anything slower paced like Zelda or Skyrim work perfectly fine, although they would be better at 60.

    I don't really like 30fps for racing games as a rule, but a high quality locked frame rate with perfect pacing can again be fine, just like Forza Horizon.

    Sadly not enough games hit any consistency.

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    Given the performance of current GPUs at 4K you'd really hope that consistent 4K/30fps shouldn't be an issue with next gen machines given how it's not hard to hit 4K/60fps with most current software. Yet...

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    I'm with most people in this thread, the higher the frames, the better. My PC monitor does 144hz and that is great for games that reach that high. Warframe for example is a sight to behold at that speed. However I can still enjoy a game at 30fps. Other benefits of higher hz/fps monitors is potentially reduced input lag and screen tearing is much less noticeable.

    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    Can you guarantee a game won't drop below 60fps, though?
    I think you notice drops to 40 or 50 fps much less than drops to 10 or 20 fps - which is another big reason for 60fps.

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    Weirdly I think I prefer skyrim at 30fps on my switch than at 100fps on pc. Odd I know.

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