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    I have NO problems playing Saturn Sega Rally at 30fps even now but when I forced 30fps in Sega Rally 2 on Dreamcast, it wasn't nice. Both were running on the same CRT TV, too. And when I say 'no problems', I don't mean that I simply tolerate it. I actually enjoy it and don't even think about it in 60fps. I have played it at 60fps on PC and on the arcade version that came out on PS2 a few years ago, but still enjoy it on the Saturn.

    I wonder why...
    I think it's because you were playing a title which was built to be 30 from the ground up. The Saturn versions of Sega racing games weren't "ports" in the sense that we think of it today; in fact, software ports were very different back then. Things were still very like in @Yakumo's Battle of the Ports where different versions of the game were often completely different software in a base level.

    For instance, I know that in the Saturn version of Virtual On, it's pretty much a complete remake of the original game that just used the design brief and knowledge of how the arcade version worked - but few-to-none of the actual "assets" found their way into the home game. Sega were really committed to the idea that their games should function well, like ground-up built Saturn games - though part of that is because the Saturn wasn't the most straightforward machine to develop for.

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    Paradise was 60fps graphics

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastyy View Post
    Am i correct in thinking though that controls are more precise on a 60fps frame rate though, i would assume if it is refreshing twice as fast that would be the same with the controls to.
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilBoris View Post
    Burnout Paradise
    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    I thought it was Forza Horizon, but it might've been said for both games.
    There are a number of games that use 16ms or faster updates for the control input, even where the screen is only being updated at half refresh rate (33ms for a 60hz display). Sonic Forces on the Switch is supposedly an example.

    I think one of the best summaries is from the site: 'A game running at 30 FPS can sometimes process an input just as fast as a 60 FPS game, depending on how the the game engine handles inputs. In most cases though, a game running at 60 FPS will process inputs quicker than a game running at 30 FPS.'

    Of course even with input being separated from the refresh rate it doesn't necessarily make the game feel more responsive or fluid. And ultimately there is an element of subjectivity as @Asura states. Even with the faster input updates you are still seeing the same image for longer (and in a lot cases for different or variable times) and that means there may be that perception of 'lag'. However realistically other factors such as your displays input lag, wireless controllers and other induced delays probably have as big an impact on input lag.

    As per my earlier point, what is undebatable, is that the higher the frame rate the far less noticeable drops become. I do like the fact that in console land we are starting to see more user choice around frame rate or detail (i.e. The Witcher 3 on Xbox One X, or MHW on Pro/X) which has always been the strength of PC gaming.
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    Going back to racing games, 30fps is generally ok until you reach higher speeds or anything off road. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit really struggled here, I just couldn't focus on the horizon because it didn't update smooth enough.

    Forza Horizon does a solid job of this though with decent motion blur in action.

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    I'd like to see F-Zero GX at 144fps. It already pushes 60 to the limits.


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