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Thread: Mario Odyssey

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    the game is polished but i meant in comparison to previous Mario's just missing something for me

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    Look, nobody is claiming you were drunk when you posted.

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    I'd heard about the 100 jump rope challenge but... urgh

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    Piece of piss. Just stand at the outer edge of the curve and view the rope from the side 'vertically'. If you start at the beginning with early-timed jumps you can carry that same momentum infinitely.

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    I'll try the outer edge, I've been standing dead centre timing it with her shouting 'yeah' but they get so close together

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    It's even easier than that.

    The Joy-Cons rumble in sync with the rope. Time Mario's jump in sync with the rumble and it becomes ridiculously easy.

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    Jump rope done, now off to explore the rest of the wo... oh, volleyball


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