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Thread: Mario Odyssey

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    Well done @Nu Eclipse.

    All you guys moaning there are too many moons, you're not playing it properly. I want 999 moons on my desk by Monday morning.

    Nah, I know what you guys mean. They're not all great. I took a long break between hitting 500 and completing the Darker Side and going back to get the rest. It was nice to have that additional content to come back to, to have that reason to keep playing, but a lot of them are pretty non essential. I think there's an argument that it would be a better game without them, but I enjoyed doing them all.

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    I'm not sure using Cappy to perform the skipping rope challenge is an exploit. More an easier (cheaper if you like) way of doing it.

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    Thanks @wakka!

    Quote Originally Posted by briareos_kerensky View Post
    They didn't patch that out? Then I guess the rope jump and Darkr Side frog exploits are still in place.
    The Darker Side frog exploit definitely got patched as far as I can tell.

    Not sure about the jump-rope glitch but I'm pretty sure that the Glydon skip still exists. Could be wrong though.

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    The original jump rope glitch got patched but a later one (letter glitch) was available till recently. I used it. Like a dirty cheater.


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