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    Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Been playing this again recently and, man, the Champion's Ballad DLC is bad. It's just a lazy cash-in. New areas? Nope. New bosses?

    One. And it's rubbish.

    New weapons? Nope. Did it introduce fishing? No. Did it flesh out the world with more stuff and encourage a fresh round of exploration? Nah. Talk about a missed opportunity. They could have introduced the ability to dive down and swim underwater and filled the lakes and rivers and ponds with secrets. But no.

    A few new shrines. Fight the same old bosses. One new boss and a ****ing motorcycle as your reward. A motorcycle in a Zelda game? Rubbish. I'll stick to the horses, ta'.

    Edit: on the plus side it did get me back playing the game again, and I'm still playing it even after beating the DLC. Contemplating starting a new adventure in Master Mode too.
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    An interesting look at the dungeon design in BotW.

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    I have fully immersed myself in this again. I am going for armour and the remaining shrines, and surprising myself by grinding for rupees - something I never, ever do as it is a cheap way to extend a game. I want that armour though!

    Also scanning my Zelda Amiibo cards every night gathering every outfit. I have two packs so get a double chance of getting something cool every day The classic Link outfit really is something and is what the default should have been.

    When this is done I will carry on with the DLC, completing its silly tasks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutmymilk View Post
    The classic Link outfit really is something and is what the default should have been.
    I reckon the BotW default is the best (Hylian Tunic, dyed green), and by far the most overlooked...

    It's funny how the game makes out that the Champion's Tunic is the base default, with even the game's artwork bolstering this at every opportunity - however as far as I'm aware the stats from the whole Hylian set are on par anyway. I like how it has this touch of elusiveness.

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    It's all about the stats! Putting so much time into this at the moment. I might learn how to kill Lynels soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutmymilk View Post
    I might learn how to kill Lynels soon!
    Parry, Parry, Parry!

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    I found a new one at the very top of the map yesterday. Shot me with some lightning and it was game over. I need to get in there and smash him, I know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki Matar View Post
    Parry, Parry, Parry!
    I never mastered the parry in BotW ... just never got my timing down to a point where I could pull it off every time. I found Lynels a lot easier once I'd upgraded stasis.


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