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    Picked this up in the Xmas PSN sale. Wish I hadn't. Found it boring from start to finish. I won't bemoan the gameplay as I (kinda) knew the type of game I was getting into. But, really, I was expecting a lot more interaction than the virtually none it serves up. And living in a national park myself, I had high hopes for the setting but, man, it's boring. Pretty. But boring. It doesn't help that your character has tediously slow and sluggish No Man's Sky-like movement mechanics. The worst thing about the game however is the thing most people seem to like - the narrative. I took an instant dislike to the wise-cracking b*tch on the radio, thought she was a right bore, and since the whole game is effectively about your relationship with her, I was left with nothing. Everytime she opened her mouth I wish she hadn't. Give me satire, give me surrealism, give me abstract humour, imaginative humour, anything but sarcasm, anything but tedious wise-cracks. It's not humour I can enjoy. Plus points? It's a very short game.
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    To add some balance given the majority of the views expressed pre-purge, this game is a superb and beautiful experience. A slow burn, gorgeous setting and an exploration in isolation. How the game lets the little discoveries build in your mind, and that of the character too, is wonderful and rewards even after the game has finished.

    We could do with more of these narrative non-combat walky games.

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    I adored this. I thought of it more as an experience rather than an out and out game. Enjoyed it from start to finish.

    Wonderfully constructed.

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    I enjoyed it but wouldn't recommend it. It was interesting and I liked the twists and revelations (some of which leave you feeling flat), but I also felt torn at the end because part of me felt like I wasted my time, as it all turned out so ordinary. That in itself was good, in hindsight, because it tramples the tropes of most videogames in not being out-of-this-world-extraordinary.


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