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    Never Ending Horror II: Takes Manhattan

    We're back in new threads and we open up the new Never Ending Horror thread with this preview for Season 3 of Ash vs the Evil Dead that will see Ash reunited with his estranged daughter

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    *Nods appreciatively at the subtitle*

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    Critters is being rebooted as a TV series

    And Blumhouse won't cross out a pointless crossover of Insidious and the fairly dire and dead Sinister series

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    I've never seen Critters, so I'm not particularly precious about it. It's the kind of average 80s film Hollywood should try improving rather than remaking gold stuff.

    Did you see the other bit of news at the bottom, Supes?
    "The other series on the way is “Golden Revenge” which follows three pets out to get even with the people that left them for dead in a heartwarming animal tale that quickly turns into a quest for bloody vengeance. Tom Stern will direct in addition to co-writing with Josh Gardner with both slated to executive produce."

    That could be quite funny!

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    Could be, I'm always quite wary of stuff focused on animals in the lead as the delivery rarely lands. Especially with this which sounds like some sort of lower budgeted horror comedy movie than a series supporting idea. It'll probably end up being like Look Who's Talking Now with Blood

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post
    It'll probably end up being like Look Who's Talking Now with Blood
    ...and your problem is...?

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    Critters movies...gave a young Leonardo DiCapro a major role. They kind of felt like a poor man's Gremlins From Space though.

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    Jigsaw ultimately grossed $103m off a $10m budget which made it the second lowest grossing entry in the series but at the same time still highly profitable for the studio. Therefore, shock of shocks, word is that work has now begun on Saw IX

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    Critters movies... They kind of felt like a poor man's Gremlins From Space though.

    "The script was actually written before Gremlins came out, and had to undergo extensive rewrites to reduce the similarities present between the films

    You know how I called Critters a Gremlins ripoff? Turns out, it wasn’t! Stephen Herek, the director of the first film, maintains that co-screenwriter Domonic Muir wrote the script for Critters long before Gremlins went into production. It just took the success of Gremlins to get New Line Cinema to make the damn thing."

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    I watched Carrie for the first time ever this week (which is a crime seeing as I'm partial to both Stephen King's and Brian DePalma's other works). What an amazing film ... I was properly glued from start to finish. I knew minor a thing or two about the story (you get to know the iconic scenes over the years, even if you never sit down and watch the movie) but what I didn't know is what a tragedy it is. So emotional how the prom scene unfolds. Brilliant film making and a brilliant turn from Sissy Spacek.

    Another cracking release from Arrow too.


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