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    You're braver than I ... it's intense enough on the screen

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    Been polishing off some of the last bits of DLC. 'Not a Hero' and 'End of Zoe' were the bigger chunks of DLC and designed to be played to finish off the story: more action-focused than the main campaign and not really scary at all, but absolutely brilliant fun. EoZ is bonkers and, given shift in playstyle/perspective, must be superb in VR. Terrific boss battle, too. 'Bedroom', clearly inspired by Stephen King's 'Misery', was really tense and the highpoint of the smaller bits of DLC for me. 'Daughters' (story-driven observational puzzle), '21' (sadistic game of cards) and 'Nightmare' (horde mode), all worth a dip: All in all the GOTY is a terrific package and the DLC fleshes out and rounds off the campaign story well, opening up some cool new scenarios, characters and relationships for Resi 8.

    If Zoe and especially Joe Baker - a legend indeed - aren't officially recruited by Chris into the anti-bioterrorism fight for the next game it'll be a crime .

    Haven't attempted the more arcade style DLCs yet ('Jacks 55th Birthday' and 'Ethan Must Die') for fear of overdose, but will definitely come back to them.
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    Completed it on PSVR and now bought it again on Xbox.Waiting for the X enhancement before starting it again

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    I got through the 21 'Survival' mode last night, seeing off the last three opponents with only one pinky finger remaining on my hand. Damn, it was tense - most uptight I've been playing a game for a long time.


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