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    Quite looking forwards to giving this a second shot - I passed on S2, but have got a physical AE on its way, and am planning to plump for a S3 pass. I might not rate them, but in a way I do think it's a shame that various editions of the game will be lost though - I can still go back and play New Generation, or 2nd Impact, by comparison - whereas all we'll have to show for previous versions of SFV will be videos, at this rate...

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    Iím looking forward to the Arcade addition update I donít play SFV as much as Iíd like, but enjoyed my once a week hour or so session I used to have with Ken.

    The one player modes in the AE update are welcome I hear challenge mode where you get costumes is fun, and the Arcade routes are interesting enough. Season 3 characters are more interesting than Season 2 which I really hated the designs besides Akuma and Minat.

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    I may pick this up. Starting to look like the game my giddy reflection in a hazy dream lake was originally hoping for.

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    Sf4 is so good. It truly is like what you imagined SF2 like in your head back then but even more awesome.

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    So does this Arcade Edition come in an actual arcade cabinet now?

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    Arcade Edition upgrade is phenomenal! This is the game that should have launched first time around.

    All this "games as a service" and having seasons for sets of characters is dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Does season 3 come with Arcade Edition?
    Nope. Just 1 & 2.

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    Just played streetfighter 2 arcade mode, wow the original background and sound all remixed to perfection, what a update as people say this is how it should have been from the start, but as it’s a free update everyone is happy.

    well done Capcom.


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