Im trying to get more involved in destiny 2, i have it on PC and forgive my ignorance but where do PC users go to find fireteams. Back in the D1 ps4 days i used to pop onto websites, but on the same sites these days if i pick platform -> PC it immediately returns zero results.

Im having a really hard time finding groups, so much so in fact that ive even used those seeker tickets to find nightfalls. My own fault really i bought the game on release (for pc) but havent even raided yet, despite being a hardcore D1 player. I guess this time I wanted to take it a bit more easy and move away from my cutthroat D1 seriousness. Wouldn't mind checking out the raids now though, just casual like.

Oh yeah the companion app, i thought that might be the place to find teams but even though its full integrated, theres no sort of "join fireteam" ability that actually moves you into the team ingame, youre still stuck with manually adding people to