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    It's certainly very arcadey. It really comes into its own with voicecomms and a squad of 4. Playing solo can get frustrating. Or in a squad without voicecomms or if the team aren't working together.

    Try can get hold of a jump pad - this lets you fly behind enemy lines late in the game, which negates the building issue.

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    Played a few games last night, it's impressive how much it has improved. Looks and feels great at morethan-1080p 60

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    I find this game just plain weird. Don't get me wrong, it's good but I find the whole base building mechanic jarring in the BR mode... I would actually prefer it if there was a mode without it.

    It makes sense in the co-op horde mode but in battle royale I find it all a bit silly. For me that's why I'd probably go with PUBG provided they fixed the issues with that game on Xbox as it's still ropey (but getting better all the time)...

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    I've seen some great vid's where you can control snipers by using walls like Shields and i like the unique opertunitys building presents. A non build mode would be interesting but they would have to rebuild the map form the ground up or work out a mechanic for reaching high up areas, a lot of scavenging requires you to build to reach areas that are impossible to reach from the ground.

    I was thinking a time based powered boost jump into glider could solve this though as it would help deliver a mode that was more about positioning and skill than the current 5 person tower build contest we currently see in end game.

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    Yeah look it's an interesting mechanic and I've enjoyed playing the game despite me feeling the mix of gunplay and building a bit jarring.

    That said if PUBG was as polished as this is currently I don't think it would be quite as popular.

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    The building is getting crazy. I've watched people who shoot 3, build, move shoot 3, etc. all in the blink of an eye and never take damage unless they get surprised from behind.

    I find the jump>shoot mechanic quite difficult to time. Watching people on mixer they make it look so easy and are obvious headshots every time....

    In fact, I think watching experts play this is almost as fun as actually playing it.


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