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    Also, you really think publishers would stop filling games with season passes, loot boxes and microtransactions if they raised the entry point to 60+?

    Pull the other one, it makes King Kong fall out of the sky onto Andrew Wilson's noggin.

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    It's all in the delivery. In theory cosmetic ones in a game such as BF5 are alright as the season pass has been abandoned. I'm not going to buy loot boxes so in those terms they're a perk that's saved me 35 on a season pass. I barely even notice they exist in COD, I wish they'd abandon season passes.

    They slip over the line so easily though. Personally, I've no idea why people would want to pay for a loot box as opposed to simply buying the DLC you actually want via microtransaction. It's like consumers are actively chasing the crappest buying method they can.


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