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    Nintendo Switch & Neo Geo

    Consolized Neo Geo MVS
    Comes with Euro 2 pin power lead and an adapter i.e. it's ready to go on a UK 3 pin plug socket
    RGB Scart cable
    I'll throw in the Baseball Stars cart as that was given to me.
    250 + P&P of your choice

    MVS Games
    Samurai Shodown - 20 + P&P
    Puzzle Bobble - 12 + P&P - SOLD
    KOF '99 - 20 + P&P
    Neo Turf Masters - 50 + P&P - SOLD

    Photos of all of these items can be seen here:

    SOLD Items Below:
    Nintendo Switch
    Left Joy-Con, Grey, good condition (only played zelda and skyrim with it, no decathlon-style sticj waggling) comes with the add on bit with the strap. - 20 delivered.

    Hori Real Arcade Pro converted for use with Neo Geo

    This was originally an XBox 360 Stick but has been converted for use with a CMVS.
    Comes with a new extension cable.
    40 + P&P* - Sold to Colin

    Sega Dreamcast Arcade Stick converted for use with Neo Geo
    This was originally a Dreamcast Stick but has been converted for use with a CMVS.
    This is not a permanent modification; the original DC cable is inside the stick casing and can be converted back in about 20 minutes (no soldering needed).
    Comes with a new extension cable.
    45 + P&P - Sold to DVDX2
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    I’ll take the Hori please Brad.

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    Sure thing. Did you see the pic? I forgot to mention that the two centre rivets are missing. Doesn't affect it structurally. Mind you, the whole xbox control block thing is missing too (a hole where that used to be). If you still want it PM me mate.
    EDIT: The A, B X and Y buttons are wired up and map as you'd expect, same with the back and start. The remaining 4 buttons are not connected (I intended to put blanks in there).

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    Awesome price on the CMVS. Do you know if this has a UniBios? Asking for a friend, I already have one

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    Yes, has unibios. Can supply original bios too (I have no use for it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyJuggleDX View Post
    NTM and PB legit?
    I'll check tonight by opening them up and looking on neo scans.

    EDIT: I forgot. Will look tonight hopefully
    Last edited by Brad; 17-01-2018 at 04:17 PM.

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    Turf masters is genuine. Didn't check pb because there's an arcade seal I'd have to break plus it's bloody puzzle bobble and it's 12 quid WITH A BOX lol. If you let me know before the morning I can post with the other stuff I'm doing tomorrow.

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    Offers on the CMVS?

    Updated sold items


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