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    There's so much Brexit drama I can keep updating the thread subtitle for relevance

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    Theresa May has said she will never accept the EU's position on the Irish Border and they have to change their stance regarding the border. I'm assuming that at this point a Hard Border is inevitable but she wants to put them in a position where they are the ones who have to implement it and thereby become the bad guys.

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    I highly doubt the EU is going to compromise on the Irish border and given Ireland has to ratify any agreement along with the very poor hand May has to play, it's not going to be the EU bending over.

    I don't know why this needs pointing out again, but seemingly it does: We chose to leave, the EU didn't kick us out of the club. We don't get to keep streaming Netflix once we close our account, even in standard definition.
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    Yep. The Sun has a cover saying our Irish PM could block your planes out of our sky as revenge. Ummm... nope. You're choosing to leave the Open Skies Agreement. The effort some people are making to blame others for the consequences of the very thing you're doing to yourself is baffling. If leaving the Open Skies Agreement is a bad thing, don't leave it. Leaving it and then blaming others is ridiculous.

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    The government is trying to frame it as been victimised by the EU to try and shift blame when this is all self inflicted.

    The Open Skies Agreement was negotiated by the EU the signatories are those of the EU. When we leave the EU we will no longer be a signatory on the Open Skies Agreement - this isn't rocket science.

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    Can we all agree that a massive David Cameron effigy needs to be burned every day to the run up of us leaving?

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    This is now well beyond a joke and into the territory of full on government collapse at this rate.

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    That's the thing, it's less about Brexit and more to do with the incompetence of the government. Once we moved to a Leave outcome we were either onboard with free movement etc or we weren't. We clearly aren't so No Deal is the obvious outcome for that. You'd then have two years + any potential agreed transition period to negotiate trade deals, set up any required border procedures and communicate plans to businesses and figureheads etc. Instead they haven't moved an inch bashing on about the same dismissed wishlist they had two years ago.

    The negotiations should have been closed off a long time ago and now there'll be a mad panic to scramble back to where they should have been had they not pratted around in the first place.

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    Chill out everyone, it'll all be fine *goes back to lying on a lilo in a pool looking over the lakes of northern Italy*

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    As expected Barnier has reviewed and rejected May's White Paper thereby refusing further negotiations with the UK. May now has very limited time after the summer recess to make one final push.


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