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    The Cloverfield Paradox

    The third Cloverfield movie may be days away from its full reveal
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    There's a rumour that the film will no longer see a theatrical release and will instead be launched on Netflix

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    I'm going full media blackout on any details but I'm starting to get excited for this ... the first two were ace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    I'm going full media blackout on any details but I'm starting to get excited for this ... the first two were ace.
    Great idea.
    The less you know, the more you enjoy them.

    I get tired of franchises shoe-horning in the same characters, when they could go the "universe" route like Cloverfield.

    A different tale each Halloween (like Season of the Witch), rather than Michael Myers returning from the grave again.

    Instead of Jack Bauer stretching implausibility for nine seasons, you could have followed the LAFD as they run around clearing up the aftermath of the various bombs going off and there's a Keifer Sutherland cameo where he bellows "You gotta keep these people off the street!" or something.

    Rather than John Mclaine exclaiming "Oh man, I can't ****ing believe this. Another basement, another elevator. How can the same **** happen to the same guy quinary?", follow cop Al as some LA riots kick in or something. Maybe there's a Twinkie shortage.

    "Gimme them Twinkies, you stupid orphans!"

    AL: "Heh, I guess it's not only Twinkies that are soft in the middle!"

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    The third Cloverfield movie hasn't just been confirmed to be skipping cinemas and coming to Netflix, it's already live for viewing on the service.

    Why did this amazing sudden grab for the streaming service come about?
    Well, if online impressions and reviews are to be believed it's because the film is too poor in quality for Paramount to risk a theatrical release making the profitable deal with Netflix a slam dunk. Given the love Cloverfield Lane received I'd be curious what peeps on here think of the new film. It'll be interesting to see what it means for the upcoming fourth film too. I've read some spoilers already for this one and the franchise links sound atrociously stupid... so I'm curious to see it myself.

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    Cloverfield was a massive letdown, Cloverfield Lane was much better. This was supposed to be online yesterday but wasn't, so I guess we'll see today.

    Looks like all three movies are back on Netflix. Makes sense.

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    I think this is on par with the second one

    and explains what happens in the first two!

    Not a bad movie at all actually. I had to laugh at Chris O'Dowd

    having his arm cut off by a wall, then the arm crawling back to give them a message!

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    I'm actually a bit apprehensive to watch this one. My relationship with Cloverfield is that the first film was pretty much straight up guff whilst the second was a better film but nowhere near the level it is often spoken of being so the whole Cloverfield project is becoming a bit of a formless monster to me as a viewer and what I've heard of this almost fills me with dread whilst at the same time leaving the possibility that it's all becoming so ludicrous it might start becoming interesting.

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    I'm a super fan of the franchise they could probably spoon feed me cow dung and id enjoy it so obviously didnt think this was anywhere near as bad as id heard, but by a stretch the weakest entry thus far.
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