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    Never seen any of the previous two entries but the recent one has piqued my interest and I was planning on watching the entire trilogy on Netflix this weekend.

    Just checked and number two ain't on there. Pah. Kinda spoiled my plans now.

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    Yeah, was very surprised, UK Netflix doesn't always have what you think it'll have, hope they pop it on over the next week...

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    Man, this was total pap. Some nice visuals, but total lack of coherence in terms of plot, acting and direction. It was almost like 4 people wrote the script without talking to each other.

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    Loved the first film. Huge things that could kill me always terrify me. Loved the suspense and the way the film changed so quickly.

    Second film i also thought was great. Constantly unsure all the way through.

    Third film? Oh **** me what a piece of ****. O'Dowd made me laugh. Actually i laughed more as it was so out of place. And even more when i thought about how the team behind it must have thought "oh bugger, this is really ****."


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