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    I'll stick to the 3D PS3 version

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    I've had this pre-order since the official announcement as I've a soft spot for the original. Playing this on current-gen hardware with the improvements in graphics and frame rate will be great.

    Call me a sucker but I'd be happy for Sony to re-release this game every generation if they can make it look nicer, run fluidly and retain the original's atmosphere.
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    22 on Amazon if you have Prime.

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    Dammit. I have prime too!

    EDIT: Got it from Amazon now thanks teddy.
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    Some people are saying the performance mode is 60fps solid, then again some people think there’s no difference between 30fps-60fps.

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    There’s some footage on Digital Foundry.
    It seems ithe options are based on consoles.
    Performance, 60fps solid at 1080p and cinematic mode at 30fps solid in 1440p on PS4 Pro.
    30fps solid at 1080p on PS4.

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    This looks simply incredible. A perfect update of a classic but flawed game. GotY contender.

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