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    Not sure about 101 prices apart from the fact that modded 001ís are cheaper. £100 maybe? £150?
    If this is how much they go for then for sure Iíd go with DS Lite for GBA/DS games and either a modded DMG or GB Lite for playing originals. Youíll save yourself a fair wedge, have great picture quality and have better ergonomics over a 101.

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    How well does a DS playback GBA games? Do they fit the display or are they blurry?

    Is the second screen disabled when playing a GBA have? This was my first choice and probably still the best option as there are plenty available on eBay and seem decently priced.

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    Gba on ds ain't too bad iirc you can stretch to fill the screen or have it display in its original ratio. Also you could be uber cool and just do this:

    And whip up a Gameboy Macro.

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    Seems the best place to say this - I think Nintendo are really missing a trick here. Don't do an "N64 Mini", do a new Game Boy Micro.

    I think a lot of people out there have never even seen the Micro as it came out at a weird time in the GBA's life, but they are just wonderful objects.

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    I'd been saying that as a gb mini followed by gbc then gba would tie up three holidays and by that time tech would've advanced enough and dropped in price to make the mini n64 more powerful and hopefully offer a higher rendering resolution so things didn't look quite so bad so kind of idealised emulation vs authentic or more like how you remember as opposed to the janky, jagged flick book it was.

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