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    Streets of Rage 1 & 2


    Ghostbusters(according to my wife. She said the theme song was better than the film. Shameful, really, but I'm stuck with her)

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    The actual Elmer Bernstein music is amazingly defining and classy but I saw Ghostbusters aged 9 in Dec '84 and I was looking forward to it sooooooo much and the movie I saw never excited me, it was a really good movie and I rewatched it loads as a kid...but it's...not funny. Not at all, really. I've never laughed at Ghostbusters, not even as a kid, even when he said "arse".

    Am I the only person who never found Ghostbusters funny at all???

    Weird thing is my warmth for this movie is quite big and the movie has warmth, I like it loads!

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    I might have to watch it again, last time was the late 90s on VHS, I'm a much more solid person these days, jeez I was hopeless back then.

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    *realises tangent, grabs coat and exits swiftly via stairwell*


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