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    PC-Engine consoles.

    Payment by PP gift or BT only please. Can only ship saturdays due to work. If you're a non posting member of the forum, nothing is available to you. Them's the rules.

    With the Super SD3 system now being out I have some PC-Engine consoles to clear out.

    Boxed original white PCE with all paperwork etc. RGB modded with a mini din in the old RF socket, so no modifications to the case. Has a blue power LED where the side I-II switch would've been. Nice condition. Includes scart lead and a game of some variety. 150 inc shipping.

    Fully boxed and complete PC-Engine Duo. (Original) Complete but outer box is a bit worn. Comes with everything it should in good condition, sound is at the proper levels and drive working properly. 210 inc shipping.

    Probably a fair bit more PCE stuff to come, time to clear the cupboard inc rare games.


    OSSC 1.5, DVI output but comes with HDMI adapter, HDMI lead, 3.5mm to RCA audio lead, psu and remote. 115 inc shipping. Now 105 SOLD
    NEO GEO neosavemasta. 40 shipped. SOLD
    Brand new Neo Geo X arcade stick. 25 shipped. SOLD
    PS4 Game paradise, Japanese import with bonus DVD. Absolutely as new, 42 shipped. SOLD
    Mint Japanese Mega Drive with flash cart 250 shipped - SOLD
    PS Vita console 70 - SOLD
    PCE Works games - Ebay
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    Sorry mate, @Jamie PM'd for it at about 1am.

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    I’ll take the Neo Geo X PS3 stick please Colin.

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    Open source scan converter reduced 115 - 105.

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    Leftover bits from a Vita bundle purchase added.

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    PCE works shooters added, all brand new/sealed.


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