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    PC-Engine & AES systems, both with SD systems.

    Payment by PP gift or BT only please. Can only ship Saturdays due to work. If you're a non posting member of the forum, nothing is available to you. (Now in bold AND red since I'm getting PM's from people who can't be bothered to read this rule, maybe the red will help, maybe I should also underline for full effect?) Them's the rules.

    Now happy with my all in one retro emulation PC after mucho tweaking, so my final retro bits can go. (Further pics in post 45 & 46)

    Boxed Japanese AES with old style stick
    Neo SD inc fully loaded SD card and snap lock case
    Boxed memory card
    RGB scart lead

    Selling as a bundle, 700 inc shipping. @Atticus on the forum had a loan of this system for a bit, he can vouch for how nice the RGB output is on it. Now 660 as @Brad is taking one of the sticks.

    PC-Engine Core Grafx and pad
    Boxed Super SD system 3 (Revised version) No SD card with this one as I need it for another purpose.
    RGB scart lead
    Boxed six button Hori fighting commander
    Two player multi tap

    Bundle deal again, 310 inc shipping.


    OSSC 1.5, DVI output but comes with HDMI adapter, HDMI lead, 3.5mm to RCA audio lead, psu and remote. 115 inc shipping. Now 105 SOLD
    NEO GEO neosavemasta. 40 shipped. SOLD
    Brand nsew Neo Geo X arcade stick. 25 shipped. SOLD
    PS4 Game paradise, Japanese import with bonus DVD. Absolutely as new, 42 shipped. SOLD
    Mint Japanese Mega Drive with flash cart 250 shipped - SOLD
    PS Vita console 70 - SOLD
    Boxed white PCE 150 - SOLD
    PCE Duo - 200 SOLD
    PCE Magical Chase - 280 - SOLD
    Salamander 25 - SOLD
    Liquid Kids 45 - SOLD
    Rainbow Islands 40 - SOLD
    Outrun 25 - SOLD
    Space Invaders 10 - SOLD
    Gunhed 40 SOLD
    Download 25 SOLD
    Final match tennis 10 SOLD
    Devil Crash 40 SOLD
    Parasol Stars 70 SOLD
    Core Grafx and IFU-30 110 SOLD
    Bomber man, five player tap and three pads 50 SOLD
    R-Type 15 SOLD
    R-Type 2 15 SOLD
    Fighting commander PCE 30 SOLD
    Chase HQ 15 SOLD
    Sapphire report and arcade card pro 50 SOLD
    PC-Engine Tirbo Express - Ebay
    PS Vita bundle - Ebay

    Last edited by Colin; Today at 02:21 PM.

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    Sorry mate, @Jamie PM'd for it at about 1am.

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    I’ll take the Neo Geo X PS3 stick please Colin.

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    Open source scan converter reduced 115 - 105.

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    Leftover bits from a Vita bundle purchase added.

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    PCE works shooters added, all brand new/sealed.


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