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Thread: PEGGLE 2 review

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    PEGGLE 2 review

    Bought this last night and it's brought me back to my Xbox One.Loved the series and this is more of the same but with colourful backgrounds and neat animations on each master incidentally only Bjorn the unicorn is the only one that has survived from the first peggle who introduces you to the first levels fondly accompanied by Beethoven's Ode to joy.Other peggle masters have their own tunes such as Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King and Tchaikovsy's 1812 overture.I personally like the change to the music
    Gameplay wise it's peggle simple as,fun and time consuming as always
    On the main menu there is a shopping cart icon with a coming soon logo only time will tell if this will be a cheap and beneficial way of preserving peggle or the dreaded game killing micro transaction,we shall see but overall if you love Peggle you'll love the Xbox one version
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    I like peggle, but after playing the many iterations of the other two games this leaves me a bit cold, the opening world at least feels just like the original, and the unicorn is incredibly annoying with his over the top expressions and rainbow farts (yes he has rainbows for farts).

    if you're not some how burnt out on the earlier games by now then this is good, but otherwise it feels far too similar to the other games from what I have played.

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    Seemed to have voted 3 times in the poll oops,

    Anyway love this game I spent a good couple of hours without even realising it . ?9.99 is a tad harsh tho

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    Reading the reviews it seems it offers very little new i'm not sure how you they can justify 9.99 when the 69p ios version is just as good or the pc version that only cost a few quid,

    To go off topic slightly i really dont like how cheapy pc and ios games seem to get big price hikes when released on console,s Star wars Angrybirds is in the same vein as this and costs 1.49 on ios or ?20.00 on xbox.

    when popcap eventual release this on ios id imagine it wont cost more than ?1.49 so why is it ?10.00 here??
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    In sure peggle was originally about a tenner when it first came out on pc in its original form. But yeah this will be the same game on iOS and only cost a fraction of the price so if you can wait it's not worth it here.

    its also an odd game to have as an xbox one exclusive, it's not exactly a graphical tour de force is it?

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    Anybody completed this?

    I've been stuck for months on Clear all pegs on the level where the pegs are vertically in rows, of about 10 in total. Have tried every character to do it but none are more suited than others.

    Aside from that, love this game for those chill out moments.

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    Damn this game. Always me when Steam was exciting and playing stuff at Xmas.


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