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    PS3 60GB Console, PS2 and PS3 Games

    Hi all, have the following for sale. Prices include postage, PPG payment method please.

    • PS3 60GB UK PAL Console - 60 (probably via Collect Plus courier as it's heavy)

    I was going to keep this but currently it's sitting unused and I need to downsize a bit before moving. It's an original UK fat model with backwards compatibility for PS2 titles. Unboxed, comes with power/hdmi/controller charge lead, plus a sixaxis controller (not a DS3, it has no rumble). I opened the console carefully last year to clean out any dust and replace the thermal paste on the CPU/GPU heatspreaders (with Arctic Cooling MX4). I did this as a preventative measure as the paste Sony used is known to deteriorate as it ages and cause overheating. I didn't feel the need to 'delid' them (I didn't have the tools or bravery to attempt it anyway!). In great condition overall, running firmware 4.82, has been factory reset and wiped.

    • Ecco the Dolphin - UK PAL PS2, boxed and complete - 4 2.50
    • Shadow of Memories - UK PAL PS2, boxed and complete - 4 2.50
    • Dragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King - UK PAL PS2 (promo copy so no manual), boxed with inlay - 10 8
    • Heavy Rain - UK PAL PS3, boxed and complete - 5 4 2.50
    • The Last of Us - UK PAL PS3, new and sealed - 10 8

    Thanks for looking.

    *Sold items*

    PSone UK PAL console (modded for region free) - 15 - Please note this is the bare console only, nothing else included. Not sure what chip was fitted however it isn't a stealth one, therefore won't work with certain anti-mod games such as Dino Crisis. Otherwise works great and is in good, clean condition. *SOLD to dvdx2*

    Grandia (UK PAL PS1) - 10 - Ubisoft re-release (with a blue border on the cover). Condition is good overall, however manual a little tatty and case has some minor damage on the right side corners. *SOLD to amaan*
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    I'll take Grandia, could you PM me payment details.

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    Sure, although I can't PM you as your inbox is full. Let me know when you've made space and I'll send over details, thanks.

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    Updated thread and title with a few games. All are complete and in good condition.

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    Added 60GB PS3 and The Last of Us. Reduced Dragon Quest and Heavy Rain.

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    Reduced Ecco, Shadow of Memories, Heavy Rain and The Last of Us.


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