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  1. #261
    After our trip to the Vale, a few more ingredients have been revealed at the Smithy, mostly Monster Bone +, which can be got from there or that icy dragon in the Coral Highlands.

    I spent a while mooching around for bits, but couldn't face the whole chain of getting the kit to stop the mists hurting me, so gave up.
    First time I've lost motivation to play in a couple of weeks.
    Plus nobody was around or in a private lobby.

    I'll craft the right armour over the weekend:

    "For dealing with the gas more fully you need something a little more permanant, and there's an armor skill in Monster Hunter World that is specifically tailored for dealing with this noxious gas.

    Named Effluvial Expert, its effect "Nullifies damage from effluvia and reduces damage from acids" in the Rotten Vale. In other words, if you have this skill equipped, you don't need to worry about the toxic gas any more and you'll be able to leisurely explore the entire area in expeditions with friends.

    There are two equipment parts that come with this Effluvial Expert skill, which are Hornetaur Mail and Girros Coil. The former can be crafted by collecting Hornetaur materials; you can also read another guide by us which focuses on the Hornetaur.

    The latter requires you to hunt Great Girros which is known to be often roaming around the noxious area, so you will have to either craft the former equipment or use the short-term solution mentioned above."
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  2. #262
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    I didn’t let the gas worry me. It can’t kill you as long as you keep moving. It’s a minor annoyance more than anything else.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

  3. #263
    I just wanted some bone fragments, but I had those smoky Jagras (Girros?), a great Girros, the Ogdogoron and those bloody crickets all having a pop simultaneously, so the gas chipping away at my health was the straw that broke the camel's back.

  4. #264
    its never caused me much of an issue certainly not enough to make an Armour set to combat it, just make sure you pick up the flame pods that are lying about and you can burn away the smoke by firing at the ground I've spent a lot of time down there too as i wanted to get a full ogdegoron high rank set and did so last night.

    Their are decorations that you can attach to Armour to give it Effluvial resistance in gem form if it really is sapping your energy.

    i will have to add you on psn as i was pootling about on my own last night as the team i'm playing with have jumped ahead a few missions.

  5. #265
    It was just that everyone was having a pop!

    These monsters have no idea what it's like to be minding your own business and then getting besieged by a gang of thugs!

    It's an outrage you've not already added me, 'bowski!

  6. #266
    Yeah, I understand- there’s loads on enemies there- luckily you’ve got an AOE with a great sword so no problems. I’ll be on tonight if you want to do your final few story missions?

    Done the main story and opened up the HR quests, did my first easy enough- but they definitely hit harder. Look forward to seeing what’s coming.

  7. #267
    I'm planning on watching a film with mates tonight, but those plans are falling apart fast, so who knows?

    Cheers, Kirov!

    I'm loving BD hunters' willingness to help others.
    I tried to help @vanpeebles, but he was in a private party.

  8. #268
    Well I’ll be on, if you are then give me a shout

  9. #269
    I will try and get tonight (late). I'll keep an eye out for yers. Anyone know if there's any hot pink material I can make armour with?

  10. #270
    Rathian Penis I believe, hit it in the balls.


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