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  1. #271
    Quote Originally Posted by MrKirov View Post
    Rathian Penis I believe, hit it in the balls.
    It was so hot in the forest today that its bag just draped of my entire body. I could have died. Cheers for the tip.

  2. #272
    J0e Musashi's Avatar
    Gamer IDs

    Gamertag: I3th Racing PSN ID: Mr_Karate
    I’m away for the weekend, so I won’t be on until Monday. I had plans to put in another 40 hours too. Curse my life. I want to be single again. Jaja.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

  3. #273
    Almost ready to go after the Pink Rath, but am thinking about a HR Kadachi set first.

    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I'm loving BD hunters' willingness to help others.
    MH has always had a culture of teamwork, which is part of the magic.

  4. #274
    Had a quick blast last night and was able to switch between several game hubs, all teeming with players and quickly/easily accessible (for the first time, in my experience). Quested with a few randoms, traded guild cards etc., was a larf. Hasn't worked for me before, wondering if Capcom quietly sorted it...?

  5. #275
    the new patch **** all over Heavy Bowgun, nerfed slice dmg (now doing 2-8 dmg, very random on crits hit weak points), nerfed inventory stock and although they say they increased Normal, Pierce, Element ammo DMG, but im going to have change my def gear to make up for the lack of damage N/P/E do without specific buffs... means farming elemental attack charms and making new guns i hadn't planned on.

    I my mainly pissed of as it means i have to take more steps to make N3 and P3 ammo and extra inventory space.

  6. #276
    Will your DMG now just be comparable to everyone else's I.e balanced?

  7. #277
    damage was below most weapons which is why so far in the ranks it's placed 11th last week and currently 9th as most used weapon (speak to the yoda likes out in the field after you start elder hunts for rank usage by the players, long sword is the most used), with slice being the only competing shot unless you get ahold of end game maxed out charms and ammo booster sets, as the recoil/reload and damage for N/P/E was well low for DPS.

    I think most other users are happy as slice when used by idiots knocks people down, but then every idiot with any weapon can trip and knock. For me it means more daily work to make level 3 ammo, and long term projects to build guns to cover the elements, and knock 4 of the 5 azure rathian armours out.

  8. #278
    I still have no idea how the multiplayer works, I didn't know I was in a private party QC

  9. #279
    I think i've finished the main Story as of HR15, after a number solo tries as for some reason this fight was the only one i couldn't get people to join via SoS and you can't join others in the search as for story purposes you don't know the name of the monster you are fighting.... think i went through 400+ rounds so pierce 3.

    Of course there are afters,

    you get given a real hunter rank, i assume based on rare gear made and research levels which put me at HR29 straight away and opened up brute hunts which are purple iconed monster which are super hard hitting and almost always in enraged mode... got one shotted from melee charge of the B52eeze with 400+def and 150 hp...

    so i'm going have to rethink my gear back to defensive again and give up the improved damage set i built for elemental and pierce shots.

    mostly likely start looking at using other weapons now, maybe a nice hunting horn set

  10. #280
    Still just messing around on this rather than cracking on with the story, but I'm having fun and that's the point, eh?

    Made the Hornetaur armour to access the mists, but fortune shone on me and I avoided all mists and monsters to bag the Plunderblade.

    Did a couple of tests on lower monsters and it definitely chips more bonuses off them, but there's no vigorwasp spray to fall back on.

    Anjanas still kicks my ass solo, but I'm getting closer.

    Got a watery long sword I've got my eye on. Just need some more Aquasacs.

    Sorry I had to go to bed, @kryss!


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