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    I'd always recommend peeps to just dive straight in at Prime 1, especially with Prime 4 on the horizon

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    I played the original Metroid on the NES and really did not get on with it. I was possibly too young, or that's not where my gaming interests lay at the time to really get anything from it. When the SNES version came out, I completely bypassed it because of this opinion of the original. In the run up to Metroid Prime on the GameCube however, I was really interested in getting it, I had an general interest in FPS (which has since rather died off for the most part) and it looked wonderful with atmosphere in abundance. So the month before Prime came out, I bit the bullet and bought Super Metroid, and decided to give it a chance.


    I played it non-stop for the next few days until I had completed it, and was blown away, making me wonder why I had really overlooked it in the first place. Metroid Zero Mission has done some service in restoring my faith in the original game, but it's still quite Marmite, I suppose somewhat like the first Zelda game; another that I didn't really gel with, and it took the SNES game to cement my love for the franchise.
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    Clue for the next thread: Rizer and Bean


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